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The prices are visible once you are logged in and Hair-Lux has your company name, VAT number, address and phone number. You can enter them in the shop by clicking on your shopping basket.

I have created an account with my email address, but I still cannot see the prices.

After you have created an account, we also ask you to fill in your company data.
To do this, click on the 'process checkout' button in your shopping basket.
You will then be taken to this screen:

Once you have completed and confirmed all the details, you can return to your shopping basket and complete your order.

You can submit your order as soon as you are logged in and as soon as Hairlux has all the details (company name, VAT number, address and phone number). If you are already logged in, you have to click on the shopping basket again and continue, you will then reach the screen where you can fill in the remaining details.

To confirm your order, please click on the payment button on the order page and transfer the amount of your purchase to Hair-Lux. Once the payment is received, we will ensure that the order is quickly delivered to you.

Send us your question via the contact form. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.